2018 Inductees

Sport plays an important part in the rich heritage of North Lanarkshire

In 2017 we became the first local authority to celebrate the successes of our sportsmen and women by creating the North Lanarkshire Sporting Hall of Fame.Jim Logue
Jim Logue

The reason for its creation was to inspire future generations and I'm certain that anyone visiting Ravenscraig will look at the large colourful panels along the main corridor and realise the single-minded determination it takes to achieve sporting success.

They will read about people who have experienced major setbacks in their lives, but categorically refuse to be defined by such adversities.

This year's eight inductees are truly inspiring people whose determination is a lesson to us all.

Thanks to everyone who took time to nominate their sporting hero and to our judging panel for their time in what was a really tough decision-making process.

Once again I'd like to thank our sponsors Albert Bartlett, sportscotland and clubsportnl, without whose support this would not be possible.